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Fools Gold?

When it comes to jewelry, one would be quite upset to discover that their “gold” necklace was actually a piece of silver jewelry that was simply plated to give it the appearance of gold. It is actually a common problem in the jewelry world for fake imposters of real jewelry to surface and attempt to sell jewelry under the impression that it carries more value than it really does. The consumers are under the impression they will be receiving a real gold piece of value when they in fact receive a knockoff product that contains little to no real gold.

In the nameplate industry, however,favicon it is very much assumed that when you request a gold name plate you will be receiving a copper alloy material that has a gold finish on top instead of a nameplate made completely out of gold. This plating technique allows you to receive the look and style that you want for your name plates but avoids the problems that using a real gold material would create. If you were to use real gold to create the name plates, the plate itself would be significantly heavier than the alternative. This makes it harder to move, harder to hang on doors and a bigger liability if it were to get lost. One main reason that the plating technique is used so much is because if you were to create a name plate completely out of gold the cost of the material itself would be tremendous. In order to save money for the company, the plating technique is used for nameplates.

This is where the differences between the jewelry industry and the nameplate industry start. In the jewelry industry, it is expected that you will pay more for gold products and it creates an outrage if the gold turns out to be faulty. In the nameplate industry, it is expected that you will want to save money where you can. By using the gold plate method, you get the looks of real gold without paying for the expenses of a large amount of the real material. It seems like a good idea to me; I’ve never been able to tell the difference between a knockoff gold necklace and a real one anyway.

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