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Gold Name Plates for the Elite

According to television, once your bank statement passes a certain number you are able to indulge in everything your heart desires. This may take many forms in a person’s life, from a multi-million dollar home to eating out at five star restaurants to owning numerous cars but taking a limo to work instead. Of all the items one may purchase to represent their station, one that doesn’t seem important is a favicongold name plate for their office or home. Yet, in the business realm certain metals have certain connotations, and the history of these connotations means a great deal to the powerful men and women in our nation and neighboring nations.

Gold name plates do not just display a name and title but assign a person prestige and make them a member of the elite in an office. Solid gold name plates are very rare, which is why they would only be used in this context or in much smaller versions as expensive pendants in the jewelry industry. Because the real deal has such positive associations, it not then a surprise that less expensive models have been and are produced to give products the look of distinction applied to the upper class elite.

By way of a process known as plating, copper or plastic base plates are painted with liquid gold to give the appearance of an expensive name plate. In addition to being associated with the elite, gold plating is also corrosion resistant and able to withstand severe weather conditions, just like real gold. An etching or engraving process often applies the information or title onto the name plates, which can range from brand names to custom nameplates attached to offices or objects like golf carts, boats or agricultural equipment. Even though the gold name plates are chosen for their upper class associations, they are also chosen because they are sturdy and strong.

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