MCI Transformer Provides Shorter Lead Times and Experienced Engineers

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MCI Transformer

For over 50 years, MCI Transformer Corporation has been collaborating with our customers to design and manufacture high-quality power transformers. From our experience, we are able to efficiently deliver samples and products with exceptionally short lead time. Every transformer is inspected and tested to meet strict standards of quality control, ensuring our dedication to service and quality in each transformer we produce. For both large and small companies, MCI Transformer Corporation offers personal service and the expertise of highly trained, experienced engineers willing to work alongside customers to meet every transformer need.

Offering both custom and catalog transformers made with the highest-quality materials, MCI Transformer Corporation supplies a wide variety of transformer types. We design PC Mount transformers which offer both vertical and horizontal versatility. Strict regulation of medical transformers make them a great choice when working with medical instruments. Chassis Mount transformers are designed to fit customer specification. The UL 1585 compliance of Class 2 makes these transformers the ideal choice for appliances and lighting. Toroid transformers provide ease in mounting, higher efficiency, and less radiation. International transformers meet standards across the world, while Industrial Control transformers allow for low and safe controls when working with electromagnetic devices.Whether looking for a custom transformer to be made to exact specifications, or trying to find the right transformer to do the job, MCI Transformer Corporation offers high-quality products, efficient service, competitive prices, and personal attention. Engineers are ready to discuss the many available options and attend to the details of your order. For more information or to submit an application, please visit our website today!