A Touch of the Old World Charm

Marking Tools

In an age that embraces metal and plastic, while splashing bright colors or basic black and white across every building, home and product, a person can feel disconnected from the natural world. That is why wooden objects, whether they are furniture or decor, are prized by those who crave an old world charm. What makes these pieces even more pleasing to the eye, and reminiscent of an age when detail was elegant and flowing, are the designs engraved into them by engraving systems. A wooden music box, a wooden side table, a wooden piano and a wooden napkin holder are all charming pieces that can be improved by way of engraving systems and their delicate touch.

Engraving systems are one type of marking machinery, which is a vast and thriving industry that not only decorates items but labels them as well. Wooden engravings are often meant for decoration though. Whether the artwork is customized or a mass produced design, it gives the one who buys it a feeling of old world elegance that is well worth the effort.

Engraving systems consist of a couple key components, including CNC machining programs, which are computer controls that dictate how the machine works and is able to create specific and perfect designs significantly quicker then when done by hand. It is also able to mass produce the same design to the extent that when holding two ornamental boxes engraved by the same engraving system, the two would be indistinguishable. The other key elements of engraving systems include a marking tool that is connected to the CNC machining program and a steady platform where the object being engraved can be kept still while the process takes place. Not only are wooden objects able to be marked by engraving equipment, but metals and plastics also benefit from their decorative and identification designs.