From Ancient Scribes to Modern Scribes

Marking Machinery

A scribe is an old term that when it was first used, referred to those that had a profession of handwriting all sorts of books and documents. They would do this to keep track of all of the records and other city business. Often they were required to keep ledgers of the people for taxes, make new copies of books and sacred texts. When more modern machine printing methods began to become about, these positions began to fade and eventually disappear in the traditional sense. However, journalists, editors, typists and accountants could still be considered modern scribes. Then there is the whole new type of modern scribing that is continually developing and gaining popularity today: metal scribes.

You could call them scribe marking machines, although that might be stretching the term scribe a little too far. A scribe marking machine, also known as a form of marking machinery is a way to use equipment to create designs, images, logos, identification codes and other markings onto various parts and products. The scribe part of the name comes from the machines components. The components of any machine that ingrain a mark on any material are referred to as scribes. For while it was once a human that would put the text or image onto a surface, today this job is now performed completely by machines.

The evolution of the scribe is an interesting one, and the future of the profession will probably be just as exciting. As marking machinery becomes even more developed, there will be no limit to the things that can be etched and the various materials that will be able to be etched. From the human scribes to the machine scribes, it is an industry that will continue to amaze us, and help us in the future.