The Artistic Side of Cardboard

Mailing Tubes

Cardboard products are all over our world. Nearly every form of product packaging uses some kind of cardboard, whether it is cardboard boxes, wrapping, or simple cardboard tubing. All of this cardboard packaging is manufactured by cardboard manufacturing companies around the world.

Many cardboard manufacturing companies use recycled materials to create the paper products in the world. Cardboard products used in restaurants, egg cartons, and many other food packages are often created with partial to fully recycled content. Reusing paper in this way is one of the biggest ways that many companies are choosing to promote eco-friendly lifestyles.

Cardboard boxes, cardboard tubing, and other forms of cardboard packaging have also been a playtime staple for children for many years. The boxes are a safe, non-toxic and imagination-inspiring item that most children can play with for hours before they become bored.

The Chicago Children’s Museum has acknowledged the unity between cardboard boxes and children’s play with their newest exhibit. From September, 2012 until May, 2013, children visiting the museum can participate in several cardboard-themed activities at the museum. Several cardboard manufacturers as well as artists came together to create the Unboxed exhibit.

In the exhibit, children can make their own cardboard creations, travel through a cardboard box maze, and explore a town created entirely of cardboard by local artists. Children and adults alike can explore the magic of cardboard packaging when they tour the museum and create their own life-size cardboard creations.

This exhibit, as well as thousands of other hours spent by children playing with cardboard boxes and other packaging could not be possible without the prevalent use of cardboard packaging in our world. Cardboard is one of the most re-mixable materials in the world, thanks to its eco-friendly materials, reusable design, and unlimited potential.