Magnetic Shielding Efficiency For Wiring Applications

Increasingly, many magnetic shielding applications today require a flexible, continuously enclosed shielding barrier to avoid pickup of external fields or radiation of interfering, unwanted fields.  One of the key components to a successful solution is choosing the correct shielding alloy.  Co-NETIC® AA has been used in many demanding applications and is one of the most recognized and specified brands of magnetic shielding alloy worldwide.  Co-NETIC® AA alloy is a proprietary material known for high permeability and used for reducing EMI in electrical / electronic wiring applications such as:  power feeds, aerospace, vehicle controls, test and measurement devices, audio-level interconnections, communication equipment, and hand-held devices.  Co-NETIC® AA CABLE SHIELD is specified regularly for these types of applications across a broad range of industries as listed below.

AA CABLE SHIELD - Braided Sleeving

AA CABLE SHIELD is produced from Co-NETIC® AA high permeability 36AWG Wire and formed into a flexible braided weave sleeving, which is available in tubular continuous lengths.  Our AA CABLE SHIELD unique design with a continuously enclosed shielding barrier manufactured with proprietary Co-NETIC® AA alloy has distinct advantages over foil wrapping or rigid channeling; and is used to avoid pickup of unwanted external H-fields (D.C. to 100 kHz), or to mitigate radiation from cable and conductors.  Co-NETIC® AA is used primarily in low intensity fields where high attenuation is desired (high initial permeability & high shielding efficiency).  Braid is tightly weaved, so shield coverage is 90% at nominal linear state.  In addition, Co-NETIC® AA wire is corrosion resistant.

Co-NETIC® AA wire in .005″ diameter (36AWG) is widely used in fabrication of magnetic shielding braid to certain customer specifications where our stock Co-NETIC® Braided Sleeving may not be specified.


Co-NETIC® Braided Sleeving complies with A-A-59569 (QQ-B-575).  Co-NETIC® Wire meets military specification MIL-N-14411, Comp 1.

Sample:  A sample of the AA CABLE SHIELD is included in our Lab Kits.

Experimentation and Prototyping

Experimentation, testing, and prototyping typically begins with our “hands-on” Evaluation Kits.  Our kits include several sizes and thicknesses of material to create usable shields.



» Aerospace
» Transportation  high-speed rail, automobiles, aircraft, aviation
» Government – military, defense
» Drones
» Robotics
» Clean energy – wind turbines
» High tech
» Computers
» Communications – hand-held devices
» Medical equipment / devices
» OEM / design
» Universities
» R & D labs
» Labs – government  / university / private
» Science / physics labs
» Industrial Machinery


NEW >>> Larger Size ZG-218 Zero Gauss Chambers In Stock Now!We have expanded our stock chambers to include our new larger size chamber ZG-218 with an inside work area measuring 18” diameter.MuMETAL® Zero Gauss Chambers have been used worldwide by many universities, private research companies, national laboratories and companies required to provide evidence of military or consumer regulatory compliance. Our scientifically engineered chambers are preferred because they are fabricated from high permeability (µ) Stress Annealed MuMETAL®, which provides a crucial and consistent extremely low magnetic field test area in the laboratory work space. Custom size chambers are available in different diameters, lengths, thicknesses and configurations, yet most applications are solved with one of our standard models.

Magnetic Shield Corp.’s ISO 9001:2008 Certification Renewed

World-Class Standard for Quality in our continuous effort to develop better products and processes that satisfy our customer’s needs and expectations, Magnetic Shield Corp. has successfully completed our Quality System Revision in preparation for the ISO 9001:2008 Certification requirements. Magnetic Shield Corporation has implemented the new requirements for this internationally-recognized Standard of Excellence, as confirmed by an independent Registrar. The ISO 9001:2008 quality management system implemented by Magnetic Shield Corporation applies the eight principles listed below:

  • » Customer Focused
  • » Strong Leadership
  • » Employee Involvement
  • » Process Oriented For Activities and Resources
  • » Systems Oriented For Interrelated Processes
  • » Commitment To Continual Improvement
  • » Fact Based Decisions
  • » Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

Certification by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., provides objective proof that Magnetic Shield has the right policies, procedures, records, technologies, resources and structures to achieve a world-class standard of quality. The company has always had a quality orientation. This latest ISO certification continues to verify that we also have a systematic orientation to properly support that attitude.