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Air Compressor Pressure Switch Varieties

Over the years, air compressors have become a household staple. It seems like every garage has one, and whether they’re used for inflating tires or giving more oomph to power tools, these powerful machines serve a variety of uses almostfavicon everywhere.

One thing that is helpful to consider is whether you need a single-stage or dual-stage compressor. Most industrial venues will use a single-stage compressor, while the two-stage is popular in the household setting. The dual-stage is more energy efficient, so it requires less power to get the job done.

Whether you choose a single- or dual-stage compressor, you won’t always need the maximum amount of pressure the compressor is able to produce. No matter how much you need, there is an air compressor switch that will suit you nicely. You can purchase a switch that will help regulate the amount of pressure the machine produces. The switches come in a variety of settings, such as 3-150 PSI, 95-125 PSI, and 40-150 PSI, just to name a few.

What’s nice about the differing types of switches is that you can change them out easily if you decide one type will suit you better than another. Keep in mind, though, that the switches can have either fixed or adjustable differentials which will affect pressure settings.

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