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Loos & Co., Inc. Introduces Exerflex Pro® Fitness Cable

Pomfret, Conn. – Connecticut?based Loos & Co., Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of cable for the fitness equipment industry, has announced the release of its latest fitness cable: Exerflex Pro® Fitness Cable.

Developed in their research and manufacturing facility in Pomfret, Conn., Exerflex Pro® builds on Loos & Co.’s tradition of providing fitness equipment manufacturers, equipment owners, and equipment repair professionals the highest level of cable performance and safety on the market. For more than a decade, the world’s leading fitness equipment manufacturers have relied on Loos & Co. cable as the only cable used in their equipment. Exerflex Pro® continues the tradition of providing the safety and performance that are critical in fitness equipment.

Here is what makes Exerflex Pro® the superior choice:

  • Exerflex Pro® ensures a long cycle life. Manufacturers and owners alike can rely on Exerflex Pro® for an extended service life in their equipment. Loos & Co.’s exacting quality standards and extensive testing processes mean you will always receive cable that is certified to provide the strength and endurance required on today’s high performance fitness equipment.
  • Exerflex Pro® enhances the user experience. Equipment owners will see an immediate return after installing Exerflex Pro®. Cable smoothness and flexibility will provide their customers a top quality exercise experience.
  • Exerflex Pro® reduces ownership and repair costs. Equipment owners will require fewer service calls and less downtime for their equipment. Repair professionals can eliminate the need for multiple service calls to replace inferior cables.
  • Exerflex Pro® provides unparalleled safety. Make sure you choose Exerflex Pro® fitness cable to reduce cable failures while in service and lessen the risk of user injury.

Provide your customers with the performance and safety of Exerflex Pro® Fitness Cable. Exerflex Pro® is currently available to ship from stock in sizes ranging from 3/32” to ¼” OD. Jacket color is fully customizable to match the color of your equipment. Loos & Co. offers sample lengths for testing so you can see the performance first hand.
For additional information, quotations, and orders, contact Robert Davis by calling 860-630-4248 or email to

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