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Long Tail Keywords Part II-Where the Majority of Your Visitors Find You. . .

by Jenny Knodell, IQS Editor

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You might be surprised to learn what kind of keywords bring in most of your website’s visitors. Take Industrial Quick Search, for example. On average, only 40% of our site visitors come from the top 100 targeted keywords. Instead, long tail keywords, those lengthy search terms that are more specific and less common, bring in the majority of the visitors. Incredibly, 60% of our visitors come outside the top 100 keywords, so not only do long tail keywords produce the higher quality buyers, long tail keywords provide your company the majority of your visitors.

Their importance should never be overlooked because not only do they lead to the most qualified buyers, they actually have a higher conversion rate—up to 20% more than short tail keywords. Longer keywords are also up to half the price of using short tail keywords because there is much less competition. The less searched for your keyword is, the more likely you’re going to end up on page 1 of Google. And while your page will get less hits, those hits are much more likely to be from buyers who know specifically what they want and are ready to purchase it.

Majority Visitors Chart

IQS knows the importance of long tail keywords. Our site is filled with thousands of them. Each main site category, a short tail keyword like foam, contains up to 144 sub category pages, all of which are long tail keywords like closed cell foam insulation. Last year, that 4-word keyword alone brought in hundreds of hits and ranked 4th on the list of most popular search terms that led to our foam site. In 2009, 71%—the vast majority of the top 100 foam keywords—were 3 to 5 words long. And it’s like that on every IQS site.

Sometimes, long tail keywords even gain more visitors than short tail, a concept not often recognized. Take our car wash equipment site for example. In 2009, the number 1 highest search term is 4 words long and pretty specific. It’s mobile car wash equipment, a long tail keyword, and it brought in almost a thousand hits alone last year. Longer keywords are the terms that bring in the most visitors; car wash only had 98 hits last year and it ranked low. And how could it? Type in car wash into Google, and you get 29 million hits! Type in mobile car wash equipment and IQS is on the first page of results.

In manufacturing, most online buyers have a specific, detailed idea of the product or service they are seeking when searching for companies on Google or Yahoo, and they are much more likely to type in a search term 3 words or longer. Unfortunately, long tail keywords are often overlooked by other directories. But here at IQS, we understand the kind of visitors they bring and have catered our site specifically to those highly qualified buyers looking for your exact product. If you are tired of getting lost in the millions of Google search results and aren’t getting the kind of visitors that generates sales, contact us for information about a listing on IQSDirectory.