A Frictionless Ride

Linear Roller Bearings

Movement oriented mechanisms must be able to accomplish a number of things while moving an object from one point to another, even if this movement is restricted to a few feet or even a few inches, like roller bearings are. The most important characteristic though, is to cause as little friction as possible to build up between the object moving andfavicon the moving mechanism, because friction causes heat which causes damage to either or both of the objects in question. That is why the boast of roller bearings, that they cause no friction at all, makes them a very popular moving mechanism in a wide variety of applications.

Roller bearings are friction free because of the way they are designed. These linear bearings are made up of a metallic or plastic track that fits the dimensions of whatever it is moving, with many metallic or plastic rollers filling in the space of the framework. Linear bearings like roller bearings allow for limited and controlled movement, usually an automatic door opening or closing or automated manufacturing machinery that has a limited reach on a single plane. The framework of the roller bearing keeps the object being moved on track and often works in both directions on the unilateral plane.

Besides being frictionless and therefore very efficient and long lasting, roller bearings are also preferred over other linear bearing models because they are able to withstand vast amounts of weight without showing the strain of it. This is because of the shape of the rollers, which are like small logs that are able to evenly distribute the weight to the point where it takes years before they need replacing. Being frictionless and being able to distribute the weight of the object moving by way of it makes roller bearings an excellent choice for many industrial and commercial movement applications.