The Materials of Linear Motion Bearings

Linear Motion Bearings

Some industrial products require specific types of materials more then others, for a variety of reasons. More often then not, stainless steel and aluminum are included in the list of most popular materials, including for the production of linear motion bearings. These diverse metals have so many excellent qualities that they are well suited for many environments, including many that linear bearings must be exposed to. Linear motion bearings are used to ease specific movements within faviconcertain structures and machines, such as drawers within desks and dressers, robotic automation and manufacturing machines. Why stainless steel and aluminum are used to create these motion enabling products is explained below.

Stainless steel is known for its incredible strength and sanitary surface that is not prone to rust or corrode over time. When building a linear motion bearing, a strong and low-friction material is required to ensure that the bearing not only works smoothly but will last as long as possible and be easy to clean while it lasts. Stainless steel would be a particularly popular choice for linear bearings utilized in medical settings, such as the motion enabling elements of hospital beds and platforms used to do in-depth x-rays and tests.

Aluminum is as popular a choice as stainless steel because it is also strong and corrosion-resistant, as well as being a very affordable material that can handle extreme temperatures without changing its chemical structure. That is why it is an excellent material for linear motion bearings used in automotive manufacturing and aerospace manufacturing, since both are vehicles that may go into intense environments. Even though linear motion bearings utilized in such applications would be inside the vehicle body, they must still withstand whatever is thrown at the vehicle like every other part of the structure. Other materials are also used for certain types of linear bearings, such as plastic varieties. However, the many positive traits of stainless steel and aluminum will keep them at the top of the material list for a long time to come.