The Air Option

Linear Bearings

While it can go by other names such as a fluid film bearing, most often it is referred to as the linear air bearing. This type of bearing is a frictionless bearing. It uses a thin film of pressurized air which is able to support a load while at the same time providing free motion in the necessary direction. They are able to provide a major advantage in certain faviconindustries because of their ability to provide a thin layer of air between the machine and the bearing. This makes for no contact between the items which will result in no friction, static, wear or heat generation. Further, they will not require lubrication as many of the other models will.

These models are desired because of their ability to run at full speeds without wearing or slowing down, in addition they are able to accomplish this with high levels of accuracy. There are also many materials available when choosing the ideal linear air bearing. Popular options include hard coat aluminum, stainless steel, steel, granite, ceramic, bronze or even carbon. Other options include the specific type of air bearing, whether you will require porous or orifice. After these larger decisions it is smaller modifications that can be considered.

Linear air bearings can be found in all sorts of applications and industries. Some common industries include manufacturing, medical, research, chemical and engineering. In these industries they are able to provide the necessary qualities for precise assembly, force measurement, calibration, semiconductor pick and place machinery, zero-gravity simulators, scanning and more. They can even be found in clean room environments and applications because of their ability to function oil and lubricant free. To find out the perfect linear air bearing for your application, simply contact a trusted supplier or manufacturer.