Robotics and Linear Bearings

Linear Ball Bearings

While car industry talk has died down in America, a recent report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. stated that the increased demand in countries such as Asia, Latin America and even parts of Europe is starting to be brought about by the turnaround these areas faviconhave been experiencing. An area this is also affecting is the bearings market. In addition to this increase, they are also an important part of the robotic automation market, and as technology continues to advance at a quick rate, we can expect the linear bearing need to grow in this aspect of science as well.

The linear ball bearing is useful in countless industries. Some of the more common are furniture, electronic and construction. They are able to provide simple movement along a straight line because of their composition that consists of an outer assembly with linear rows of spherical elements. These ball bearings allow for easy movement of the application. When choosing one of these products, a number of factors must be taken in consideration to make sure the perfect model is decided on. Some things to consider include the speed it will be functioning at, the weight it will be carrying and the elements it will be exposed to. These factors will help determine the dimensions and materials necessary for the ideal piece.

While most uses for linear ball bearings are not all that exciting, some of the newer industries like robotics that they are making their way into are. Technology is able to advance at an unbelievably rapid rate, the rate seems so fast that where we dream of being in fifty years might just turn out to be where we are in ten. Who knows! We could have the scary IRobot or Matrix future movies predict yet.