The Mounted Pillow Block Linear Bearings

Linear Ball Bearings

The motion that linear bearings are utilized for is usually done on a horizontal plane, but sometimes it is necessary on a vertical plane as well, which is why the mountable pillow block linear bearings were created. Although they can also be used on a horizontal plane, their ability to be used vertically is what faviconthey are known for. The design is unique from other linear bearing styles because of the additional space around the linear bearing necessary to properly mount it on a wall or machine. Being bolted also means that they have to have holes for bolts or fasteners to securely attach them to whatever surface will be supporting them.

There are considerations in manufacturing these special mounting pillow block linear bearings that are not necessary for classic models like the linear ball bearings or linear roller bearings. One is that they must be particularly strong, to support the weight of whatever they will be moving back and forth. This refers to both the linear bearing itself as well as the mounting section so that it does not fall off its mounting surface. Therefore, both are usually made from chrome steel or stainless steel.

Other considerations when designing pillow block linear bearings include size, since they can come in a multitude of sizes depending on the application to which they will be applied. This means making sure the shaft that will be going in and out of the bearing hole fits perfectly, as well as ensuring the size of the mounting surface is the correct ratio to support the linear bearing and its weight. Industries that utilize these linear bearings include automotive and manufacturing, within robotic systems, conveyor systems and to enable the movement of die cutting tools such as punches and molds. Parts involved in mass production must be dependable.