The Linear Bearings Movement Project

Linear Ball Bearings

Movement is something that most children and adults take for granted. With no physical restrictions, we are not only able to move our bodies in ways such as walking, running and skipping but we are also immersed in a culture where technologically advanced movement machines are everywhere. The average family in the United States owns two to faviconfour cars and many depend on bus systems, bicycles and skateboards as alternative modes of transportation within cities. In addition, airplanes are a thrilling way to travel across larger distances. We have mass produced products to make movement in our lives easier, in these larger, crossing distances ways as well as in small ways, like utilizing linear bearings.

We want the movement of a drawer sliding in and out of its dresser structure to be easy, which is why linear bearings were created. They are used in a variety of other applications too, not just to aid the movement of drawers. Not only do they make motion easier for the individual using the product, but they also preserve the product being moved significantly. Without a linear bearing, which uses a rolling element and well-aligned ridges to create a slide for motion control, the damage of moving a non-fluid part from a non-fluid structure would cause it to deteriorate very quickly.

Functionally speaking, linear bearings may be made up of a few key elements to work properly, and they are often designed for specific applications. Linear ball bearings and linear roll bearings, which utilize balls or rollers to glide along a smooth, ridged surface for low-friction movement, are the most popular models. Made out of metallic materials more often then not, versions of ball bearings are used in the automotive industry as well as robotic automation, manufacturing machining, furniture manufacturing, large medical machinery and other manufacturing applications such as clock making. Because movement is so important to us humans and our creations, it is no surprise that such a simple motion tool is so common.