Dock Lifts: Making Maneuvering Easier

I used to work for a newspaper and when it would come time to publish and print the paper it was a whole process. Aside from digitally putting the newspaper together the printing press was a whole lot of work. The printing press would get fired up and the pages would zip by on the machine and would be pieced together. A printing press technician would go up in a lift to make sure everything was working okay. After it was all printed, the papers would be bound into groups of 20 by rope and set aside for delivery the next day. They would rest on a lift that would lift the materials into the truck for delivery. It was a relatively fast and easy process.

Need to load something fast? Unload something faster? What about something easily accessible for pallet breakdown and buildup? Then dock lifts may be the best piece of machinery for your project. Dock lifts include scissor and vertical ram lifts and levelers including truck levelers.

The primary use of dock lifts is for the maneuvering of wheeled or palletized loads onto and off of trucks. Because of this use, the designs of the lifts must vary because truck heights and widths vary from truck to truck and company to company.

Most often, dock lifts are installed in concrete pits for their permanent homes. It is rare that a dock lift would need to be moved. It is not uncommon, however, that a few dock lift styles, such as a scissor lift for example, are portable. This is convenient because they can be used in different areas at multiple levels.

More often than not, lifts can be customized by the manufacturer to fit the exact needs and application requirements of those who are ordering it. Some things to remember when selecting lifts are the safety of employees who will be utilizing the dock and the stability, integrity and quality of the lift so it will not damage the material is it handling.