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Pressure Calibrators: Checking for Accuracy

Every system needs a safeguard to ensure that equipment is working properly and doing what it is supposed to be doing in as accurate a fashion as possible. For the pressure transducers, pressure sensors and pressure transmitters of the world, that check-up system is known as pressure calibrators. In essence, pressure calibrators do the same thing that pressure sensors do, except they faviconare used to double check the accuracy of the sensors and are therefore much more rarely used. While measuring pressure, pressure calibrators are often designed to take temperature into account as well since it can affect the pressure level. Because of this they may be used to check-up on temperature transducers too.

Made with stainless steel sensors with excellent accuracy levels as they utilize the piezoresistance principle to measure the flow, pressure calibrators are obviously very dependable since they are used as the check-up system for pressure sensors. They are also often used to set-up a pressure sensor in a certain spot, determining the scale on which it will be functioning. Pressure sensors depend upon pressure calibrators, and they make an excellent team. Sometimes both are installed permanently into systems and able to automatically read the levels of the fluid or gas, while the pressure calibrator also checks the accuracy of the sensor. Other times, pressure calibrators are modeled in a portable fashion, able to be carried around and test numerous pressure sensors in multiple spaces.

Water treatment plants, manufacturing and chemical processing industries all use pressure sensors and therefore pressure calibrators. The cost of a poorly functioning pressure sensor could be astronomical if a leak was not detected and exploded, or the fluid gunked up and backed up the whole system, putting pressure on everything. Not only does the financial survival of companies rest on early detection of these sorts of issues, but human lives can be impacted too.

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