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One Unusual Use for A High Level Switch

Most factories and other manufacturing industries use level switches to monitor the level of liquids in containers inside the factory. The switches are ideal for preventing the overflow of volatile liquids and can also warn the factory when the levels insidefavicon the container get too low. These tiny switches are a highly useful part of many factories’ safety and can help prevent many headaches and expenses in factories all over the world.

The high level switch, however, is even more versatile than the average level switch. The high level switch is used for many of the same processes, including warnings, automatic shut offs, and overflow protection, but it also has another use that is extremely useful for many factories.

This secondary use for the switch helps protect pipes from dry run operations. Some machines can become damaged if the pipes try to suck in materials while the pipes are dry. It is important for these machines to keep a level of liquids inside the pipes at all times. High level switches can help make this happen because they have a small enough profile to work in any location, even in small pipe fittings. The switch can work in any orientation and will provide accurate readings for the pipe.

This can save a factory huge expenses and headaches that can occur through the misuse of machine pipes. If the liquid levels in the pipes get too low, or even too high in some cases, the switch can send out a warning or even turn off the machine until the issue is resolved. This versatility in high level switches make them extremely useful in many different industries, including chemical mixing, food production, mining, metal fabrication, machine tooling, and many others. Even the aerospace industry can benefit from the use of these switches in pipes located in airplanes and spacecraft.