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Save Money with Combo Switches

Level control switches are a highly useful product in many different industries. A factory uses a level switch to determine the level of a liquid or material inside a container. If the level falls below or rises above the ideal level for that container or substance, the switchfavicon can automatically alert a different machine to add more liquid, remove some liquid, or shut the system down completely until the issue is resolved.

Level control switch manufacturers create a variety of switches to detect different elements inside a container. Some switches can identify hydrostatic levels, some can identify temperature, and others can identify minimum and maximum fill levels.

The cost of these switches can be expensive, because the submersible cable used to suspend the switches inside the container is costly. Level switches manufacturers work continuously to reduce the costs associated with level switches since so many factories have to use such a wide variety of switches in many different applications.

One way that the switch manufacturers have come up with to help factories save money is the invention of the combo level switch. These switches can measure several different factors from the same switch, rather than requiring an individual switch for each measurement. Some switches can measure temperature and the hydrostatic level of a container with the same sensor. This can help companies save thousands of dollars by eliminating multiple sensors for each container in the factory.

Other combo sensors provide other benefits and features for the user, such as a cone to help submerge the sensor into the liquid, or multiple temperature range measuring capabilities. Some sensors can even take pressure readings in addition to the other features.
These customization and combo options help factories save money and space in every liquid measuring application.