A Clear Use For Laminating Presses

In high school, I worked as an aide for one of the assistants in the office during the two free periods I had. It was a great way to spend my senior year, because there was never much to do so I always got to work on my homework or play various computer games. One thing I was in charge of was creating the new or replacement ID badges for the school’s employees. Since we had a pretty tight knit group of teachers there was rarely any additions in that area, but occasionally we would add on a support staff member who needed a name tag; cue name tag girl.

I liked this part of my job, one,because it got me away from my homework, and two, because it allowed me to use the cool laminating machine in the back office workshop. It was a pretty standard laminating machine, I would feed through the card, surrounded by the two sheets of laminating paper, and the card would come out warm and laminated. I then would simply cut around the ID badge and proudly hand it over to the newest employee.

Although the small laminating machine that I was trained to use was pretty neat, their industrial size counterparts are in a whole different league. These industrial machines feature stacked heating and cooling platens. The laminating press works by having one opening of the press cooled while heating the other. Once the material is heated it is melted and adheres to the material. After the plastic coating is cooled, the plastic material bonds to the surface of the product, which then results in a thin layer of protective coating over the product. Industrial size laminating presses are used for many large scale industries, such as the sports and recreation industry, furniture industry, construction industry and the electronic industry.