IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: California Metal & Supply Inc.

by Amy Harris, IQS Editor

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A company like California Metal & Supply as hard to find as are the metals the company distributes. Located in Los Angeles a short drive from the international airport, California Metal & Supply is one of the leading metal distributors in North America with a customer base mostly in the aerospace, automotive, petrochemical and defense industries, as well a growing international customer base. While the task of sourcing and supplying precious metals such as Titanium, Inconel, Nickel, Aluminum, Stainless, 13-8, 15-5, 17-4, 17-7, Kovar, and Invar is a primary focus, California Metal & Supply also believes in responsible business management. With the help of its valued customers, the company supports a number of local and national charities, essentially giving back to the communities that have helped its success since 1984.

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In addition to the company’s philanthropic actions, outstanding customer service is a defining goal of business undertakings at California Metal & Supply. Through a combination of both traditional and progressive methods of communication and marketing, California Metal & Supply strives to reach its broad base of customers in a way that works for them. Paper mail, social networking sites and an informative website with a “click to call” facility ensure that customers from all stages of industry have easy access to information concerning inventory, supplies and manufacturing. California Metal and Supply extends this practice of open communication with its international client base too, offering packing and handling services, metric conversions and full documentation of product specifications of its plates, bars, and tubing products.

With the capability to supply hard-to-find precious metals for important industries such as Defense and Aerospace, why not aim high? California Metal & Supply is doing just that. This reputable company has set big goals for the future – intending to add experienced staff to the existing team and double its sales over the next year. Combining old-school business ethics and the principle of giving back with the desire to lead the way in the precious metals field provides a solid base from which to succeed. The company’s unmatched range of specialty metals, superior process and fabrication facilities and a proven commitment to its customers will surely stand it in good stead. Watch this space as California Metal & Supply continues to expand its influential reach both locally and globally.

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“The Boeing Company congratulates California Metal & Supply Inc. for achieving superior supplier performance.”

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