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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Velmex, Inc.

by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor

Velmex, Inc. Logo

Modern industry, like much of the modern world in general, has come to expect fast results, customizability, quick and easy access to information and the best product for the best price. In the world of rotary and linear positioning stages, Velmex Incorporated offers clients all of this and more with maximum load capacities of 400lbs, maximum speeds of 30inches per second and a maximum resolution of one micron. Velmex combines elegantly functional products with exceptional customer service to provide manual and motor driven linear slide, rail and guide systems for industry and science alike. A highly informative website ensures that every customer understands their equipment while modular designs and custom fabrication ensure that Velmex complete systems and components satisfy the precise requirements of every application. With skilled staff and informed customers, Velmex continues to lead the way in linear and rotary slides and guides.

The experienced Velmex team understands not only the intricacies of manual and motor driven positioning stages, but also the needs of the customer. Quick and easy access to information is crucial to the industrial and scientific operations in pursuit of precision linear stages. To meet such demands, the Velmex website provides customers with a plethora of information pertaining not only to their own manufacturing tolerances, but also to the needs and quandaries of the customer. Catalogs, price lists, CAD drawings, software and more are all made available online, giving the customer control over their order. If the easily navigable site does not suffice, knowledgeable Velmex representatives gladly assist customers over the phone or through e-mail conversation.

More than help to select the proper rotary or linear stage for applications ranging from scientific research and design to industrial manufacturing, Velmex helps to meet precise operational requirements while maintaining competitive pricing. For over 40 years, Velmex has incrementally improved their already impeccable products, increasing the range of positioning equipment they offer in order to meet the growing need for Unislide®, BiSlide®, and XSlide™ assemblies elevating tables, and more all with a broad range of sizes and payload capacities engineered for the precision movement of probes, sensors, antennas, transducers and other vital objects. This ever expanding product line and the wealth of information available at Velmex Incorporated gives them and their customers the leading edge in the field of linear and rotary positioning stages and components.

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Images courtesy of Velmex, Inc.