Iowa Prepared for New EPA Carbon Standard

Iowa is a state that is known for their success in the food processing industry. This state is on the forefront of designing the latest innovations in the manufacturing food packaging solutions and a wide variety of other agriculture machinery. However Iowa is not limited to just the agriculture industry. Iowa is a leading state that develops construction equipment, electrical equipment and heavy duty machinery for various different industries. The economy in Iowa is expanding and there have been recent opportunities that will allow the solar and wind energy sectors to continue to grow. The state of Iowa handles issues such as renewable energy very serious and there are a number of organizations in Iowa that are working hard to make this state a national leader in the renewable energy industry.

According to a recent proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency there will be an official carbon pollution standard for power plants. The EPA has given deadlines for all states to adhere to specific carbon pollution regulations and it is up to the states to develop their own plans to meet these standards. Iowa is only required to reduce its carbon emissions by 16% by 2030. Thankfully this state has already been well on its way to become more sustainable and these new requirements by the EPA will only strengthen these growing industries.

In recent news the governor of Iowa has signed a new bill that will greatly support companies and individuals who want to take steps to invest in solar energy systems. This bill will effectively triple the size of the current solar energy tax credit. Interestingly enough this bill is not just designed for businesses but homeowners will also benefit from these tax credits. Iowans experienced a very harsh winter and for propane-dependent household this was also a very costly winter. By utilizing solar energy this will help reduce the overall consumption of propane while saving money for the years to come.

Renewable energy is an industry that is quickly growing and many companies are eager to discover the latest breakthroughs. With a growing economy comes the need for more employment and a recent survey reports that hiring is strong in central Iowa. This survey from a workforce company stated there has been a growing need in a number of industries including: durable & nondurable goods manufacturing, wholesale & retail trade, construction, education, health services, hospitality, government and more. Employment is growing as Iowa continues to thrive and prepare for an expanding economy.