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Air Purifiers and Ionizers

Living in Michigan, most have probably noticed the insane increase in allergies. For three months I seemed to be battling one of the worst colds of my life. Finally, the air has gone back to normal for the most part, occasionally the pollen will flare up again, but it is mostly stabilized. One thing I had considered for awhile was to purchase an air purifier to make breathing a little easier. In industries however, an air ionizer might be of more use. Ionizers, or often called ionized air blowers, are products able to generate positive and negative ions which are then blown to neutralize potentially damaging static charges on objects. They can be used to improve air quality through eliminating dust, pollen and smoke.

In the natural world, ions are produced by waterfalls, ocean waves and streams. But in the city and heavy industrial environments, this is natural way of cleaning the air is not present. Electrical currents traveling through the air can cause electrostatic discharge which has the potential to cause a lot of damage. This is how these large industrial fan products can provide a lot of benefits to the workplace. Yet, this safety measure is necessary to protect the sensitive equipment that many technical industries use. While people often think that ESD may produce a powerful shock, but not much else, the fact is it can create a list of potential problems. For example, dust can cling to products and result in internal damage or possibly corroding the surface of the product. Other issues that can arise include materials tearing, sheet feeding difficulties, jamming, curling and sparks. In the end, it is a much better option to be prepared and have a solution to prevent these types of issues from occurring.