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Infra Red Heating Systems: In the Name of the Game

For many individuals, watching sports is like breathing; absolutely necessary, regardless of the weather conditions. Sports such as baseball are supposed to ride the late summer heat wave, while football is immersed in that perfect fall weather, in which jeans and sweatshirts are the norm. However, cold fronts come early and chilly rain falls even when a game is scheduled. Therefore, there must be some sort of heating system in place for the days when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. This is when the varieties of infra red heating systems on the market today are utilized in the name of the game.

Infra red heating systems are utilized in indoor and outdoor sports arenas, although the type of system utilized depends on many factors. The size of the facility, both height and width plays a large roll in what type of infrared heater will work while using the least amount of energy and therefore costing the owner of the complex the smallest amount of money. An outdoor arena designed for NFL games is going to require a series of heavy duty electric infrared heaters that need minimal maintenance and are corrosive and weather resistant. However, an indoor soccer court utilized by a high school club team is going to involve very different specifications.

Indoor units need to have a natural air flow feel so that they do not cause players to overheat. That is why an air circulation system combined with a series of natural, sun-like infrared heating lamps is ideal. An ice arena, while indoors, will need a completely different sort of heating system, since the heat must be concentrated on the stands without spilling onto the ice rink and causing detrimental damage to the players by melting their skating surface. These are just a few examples of how sports fans and athletes benefit from infrared heaters.

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