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Washing Factory Containers

Although I have considerable knowledge about the processes that most manufacturing plants go through to create products, I had never really thought about a factory needing to keep their containers clean or how they did it. It turns out, washing units for containers is faviconactually a large industry, and there are many options available. In fact, there are even specific industrial drum washers that can clean out drum-shaped containers for future uses.

Industrial drum washers are designed to clean containers used to hold chemicals or other materials inside a manufacturing plant or factory. The drum washers are huge containers that have high pressure pumps and spray nozzles that can simultaneously clean out the inside and outside of containers. Some washers can even clean multiple containers at once. Most factories use drum washers to clean large buckets, pails, lids, and other containers that are difficult to wash by hand. Some washers have solvent cleaners that are designed to remove grease, paint, and cured-on coatings that are difficult to remove through traditional washing methods.

Some drum washers even have the option to program a wash and rinse cycle into the unit. This helps customize the function of the washer. The operator can choose how long the wash cycle is, how much power travels through the jets, how many times the container is washed and rinsed, and what kinds of cleaners are used to wash out the container. As some kinds of cleaners can damage certain containers, this feature is invaluable to some factories.

Using a drum washer eliminates the need for individualized cleaning of each container. With these systems, a factory can clean multiple units at once, keeping them clean and ready for their next use at a moment’s notice and freeing employee time for other processes and tasks.

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