Types of Industrial Sewing Contractors

Industrial sewing contractors are contractors that use an assembly line and a large number of sewers to complete sewing projects seam by seam. These contractors may work for several different companies at once, providing the sewing for each company. Industrial contractors are ideal for businesses that have a lot of business but are not ready to hire their own sewing staff.

There are many different types of industrial sewing contractors, and many specialize in a particular form of sewing. Choose your contractor based on their knowledge base and skill level in the area where you need sewing.


Military contractors sew uniforms, bags, gear, and other fabric equipment for the military. Usually these contractors work only with the military, but they may also work with camping equipment and other sewing projects that require heavy-duty sewing and materials.

Industry use

Some fabrics are used in industrial settings, such as special protective clothing or cleaning cloths. Industrial contractors focus on sewing projects used in industrial settings and can sew any material used in factories, mining, construction, or any other industry.


Canvas contractors focus solely on canvas products. Canvas contractors have a wide variety of skills, sewing such things as boat sails, tents, tarps, canvas totes or bags, or even canvas shoes. Any time you need canvas sewed, try a specialized canvas contractor. They offer the highest experience and best tools in the business.

Leather/ vinyl

Leather contractors specialize in sewing leather and other hide materials. Leather sewing requires special needles and machines and is nearly impossible with standard sewing supplies. This is why it is important to hire a qualified leather contractor before completing any leather or natural hide product like car seats, handbags, shoes, and leather clothing.


Apparel contractors only sew clothing items. Their assembly lines are designed to sew clothing, and they often have more tools to make clothing sewing easier. This makes it possible to save money and time when sewing clothing.