5 Reasons to Choose a Sewing Contactor

Industrial Sewing

Industrial contract sewing is the process of using an outside company to sew the products that your company manufacturers. There are a variety of reasons why outsourcing sewing is a good idea, versus handling the process entirely in-house.

Industrial contract sewing can provide many services and benefits over in-house sewing. Some of these advantages include:

Space: Some companies find that housing a sewing department in-house requires too much space for their current warehouse capacity. This means that the company would have to expand to a larger facility, which is often not cost effective for the factory. Using an outside contractor eliminates the need for using additional space.

Capacity: In some cases, a contract sewing company has the ability to handle more capacity that most factories on their own. Large orders can be completed in days, rather than weeks that it might take to complete them in-house.

Cost: Often, contract sewing is much more cost effective than purchasing sewing equipment in-house and hiring individual sewers. A contract sewer simply charges per project, and typically includes the cost of materials and labor in the quote, creating projects that are cheaper than in-house projects.

Capability: Many contract sewers have a larger talent pool than individual companies. Industrial sewing contractors can handle a huge variety of sewing types, including upholstery, clothing, handbags, and nearly any other imaginable project.

Flexibility: If order sizes change, a contract sewer can alter the number of jobs they complete for your company, saving money and time for the factory. Doing the work in-house is much less flexible for project size.