Functions of Industrial Drums

When industries ship supplies, products or cargo there are only a few options for liquids and hazardous waste. So what do you do if this cargo is liquid or is hazardous and you have an over abundance that needs to travel to a new destination? In this case, an industrial drum may be the answer. The drums will fit onto a pallet and because of their size, four usually fit perfectly thus helping with even weight distribution. These containers peak a variety of interests across industries and some industries you may not expect. Industrial drums are easy to store and come in a variety of materials and shapes to fulfill almost any unique need.

Industrial drums also known as 55 gallon drums are ideal for many industries. Though the standard size is 55 gallons other sizes may be available. Oil barrels are 42 gallons and some water barrels are 30 gallons, among other sizes. Each variety of drum has useful advantages. The three variations of drums are steel, plastic and fiber drums. Steel or metal drums as they are sometimes called are used to contain more hazardous products and liquids. The durability and strength of the steel make it the best choice of the three materials. Some have open tops and others have a welded top with a bunghole to fill and discard what is being held in the drum. Plastic drums are still used for liquid, but more often food grade products. The plastic is still durable and strong, but because it does not risk the option of rusting, plastic is typically the best choice. Fiber drums on the other hand do not carry liquids or hazardous waste. They are usually used for dry goods. They are the best at keeping the moisture out of the drum. The fiberboard does not allow for condensation thus keeping the products inside dry. Fiber drums which are usually treated as the “weakest” in weight capacity are able to easily hold 400-600 pounds!

In addition to industrial storage and shipping, industrial drums have found an overabundance of other uses. These uses span a range of industries as well, from gardening to alternative energy. The majority of the time, the drums used for alternative uses must be food grade. More plainly speaking, to use a particular industrial drum no hazardous waste should have had any contact. The robust and durable nature of all three, steel, plastic and fiber make them ideal for a variety of projects or further storage. The DIY community has been very welcoming to creative alternatives to 55 gallon drums of all varieties.

It is easy to see the usefulness of industrial drums on and off the shelf. Industrial companies find great advantages to having the volume, weight and structural integrity of industrial drums. The alternative uses that can be made useful by the containers are equally important to industries. This recycling helps promote a greener planet. Not many products are able to offer the functionality that the drums are able to put forward.

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