Washing Cars All Summer Long

The summer weather is here, and that means a lot of things. We can now go for evening walks, go to the beach, eat outside, go biking and, for me at least, can wash our cars. Many people do this several times each year, possibly even every month or so. In the winter months this is by going to an actual car wash. I however, being slightly cheap, tend faviconto just wait until it is warm enough outside for me to do it myself. If I’m lucky this means sometime in May, again in July and hopefully September. After that we have to wait until May comes around again.

Luckily, washing cars at my house is a fairly quick thing. Between the power washer and the handful of large brushes the job is very simple. Industrial brush suppliers typically carry everything necessary for an expert at home car wash. Some suppliers might even supply the giant revolving brushes of various colors you see at car washes, but these might be a little hard to find a place for. At our hose for example we have a large brush that can be hooked up to the hose to constantly provide water while it is being brushed. We also have several hand held options, which I tend to use because they are easier to hold on to.

There is such a wide array of brushes available that it is relatively easy to locate a manufacturer that will have exactly what you need, and if they do not most are willing to make a custom model to fit your specific application. This makes it perfect for car washing because there are tougher models perfect for getting the bugs off the hood and softer models perfect for scrubbing down the rear view mirrors. No matter what you need, you can find it in the brush industry!