Full Steam Ahead: The Industrial Gas Boiler

Industrial Boilers

Industries are always on the lookout for new ways to create more efficient means of operations in their businesses. Whether it is something as simple as finding a place to cut corners effectively, or as complicated as changing a system or means of production all together, innovation is a critical element of operating a business successfully. Steam power has been around for hundreds of years, but there was a time when it was not as popular. Steam has steadily been makingfavicon a comeback over the years, thanks in part to the development of industrial gas boilers.

Industrial gas boilers are, of course, suited for use in large businesses or corporation; you probably would not want one of these for use in the home – I am not sure it would fit! But the boilers are mainly called industrial not necessarily because of their size, but because of their application. Industrial gas boilers serve as a means, usually, of heating a warehouse, or of generating the heat required to get water hot enough to make steam. The former use I mentioned – that of heating – is often done as a result of steam heat.

The steam generated by an industrial gas boiler heating water runs on natural gas, as the name implies. Unlike a coal boiler that requires thousands of pounds of coal to be fired before it can generate enough heat to help create steam, industrial gas boilers have the benefit of being able to heat up water very quickly. If you have ever boiled water on a stove, for example, water will boil faster on a gas stove than on an electric stove. Because natural gas burns so hot so quickly, the gas boiler is a preferred method of heating. It’s also a cleaner means of producing heat, as compared to a coal-fired boiler.