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5 Considerations Before Purchasing an Industrial Baler

By Harmony Enterprises Inc., Manufacturer of Recycling and Waste Management Equipment

When you are looking for an industrial baler, it can be hard to know where to start.  There are many sizes, manufacturers, and features that differentiate one baler from another.  Often, companies searching for balers or other recycling equipment are looking for ways to improve their operating efficiency in the leanest way possible.

How to Choose the Right Baler for your Recycling Needs:

  1. Materials – What materials are being processed and baled – cardboard, paper, aluminum, plastics, non-ferrous metals or a variety? How efficient is the baling equipment for that specific type of waste? Should the baler be versatile or specialized?
  2. Volume  – How much materials are being processed and baled? Even facilities that need to process smaller volumes of materials can have an efficient and profitable recycling program with a smaller space-saving vertical baler that makes high-density bales.
  3. Special Features – What are the key features of the equipment? For instance, some balers have automatic controls, rear chutes, hydraulic ejection, or other special features that save time or make the baling process easier.
  4. Equipment Reliability – Have you been happy with the vertical baler or other recycling equipment you purchased in the past? Before purchasing an industrial baler, you may want to talk to other companies in your industry who have experience with different equipment and manufacturers to see what they like or dislike.
  5. Manufacturer Expertise – What is the level of technical expertise and customer service from the manufacturer? Contact Harmony Enterprises to get not only a quote, but also insight into our technical expertise and customer service. We can explain the equipment capabilities and how it will suit your specific needs.

With these five considerations in mind, you should be on the right track for finding the ideal baler for your facility’s recycling and baling needs.