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Three Main Types

Playing basketball, driving a car, going tubing… all of these activities have one very important tool in common, the air compressor. Air compressors are tools designed tofavicon inflate items. The air is compressed and in doing so, the pressure is able to increase, creating a force that can be used in all sorts of industries. From manufacturing to commercial purposes and to person activities, air compressors are an important tool to have. Whether you are using your own breath to inflate the object, a man-made product or a dynamic air compressor, the goal is the same. However, using the latter two options can make the process much faster, easier and with less risk of passing out.

There are three main types of compressors that you might run into. The first and most common air compressor (although it may not be the most commonly used model) is you. The lung is a popular air compressor. It works by a person inhaling for a deep breath; this is able to increase the air pressure in the lungs. From here the pressure can be released to inflate a balloon or other object. Man-made air compressors tend to be used on a slightly more frequent basis. These models can be further divided into dynamic air compressors or positive displacement air compressors. Dynamic air compressors are used by having a rotating device accelerate and decelerate the air. Meanwhile the positive displacement option will fill and then empty a chamber.

Air compressors can be used for all sorts of purposes, and choosing the right man-made model instead of your lungs will be appreciated later on. To find the perfect model for your applications, talk to a manufacturer or supplier. A trusted employee would be happy to work closely with you to find the option that will work the best!