Indiana Manufacturers Invest In Advanced Lightweight Metals


There has been a recent push for creating new highly advanced metals for a vast number of industries. This is why manufacturers across the nation are putting an emphasis on research into the latest innovations. One of the biggest factors for this push is to federally mandated policies requiring the automotive industry to drastically cut the weight out of the cars they produce. Although these mandates have put a heavy burden and stress on a variety of industries it has allowed for numerous employment opportunities, especially in the state of Indiana.

The Indiana Manufacturers Association has made a partnership to focus on advanced lightweight metals. Per the mandates of the federal government the automotive industry is required to make lighter cars. Several automotive plants and suppliers have been affected by this regulation. Steel manufacturers are striving to produce stronger metals while allowing for the metals to be used more sparingly. A major automotive company has recently just opened their new $1.2 billion expansion in Fort Wayne. This new assembly plant is designed to help the growing demand of newer automobiles as well expend the operation capabilities of the facility such as pre-treatment services and expanded body shop.

One of the primary goals of the Indiana Manufacturers Association partnership is to provide funding for workforce development for this industry. Advanced lightweighting technology will require highly trained technicians and engineers so preparing a new wave of workers while educating the current workforce will be key to be competitive as the market progresses. It is estimated that lightweighting-related jobs grew by 58% in the first quarter of 2016 and this number will continue to grow as this field continues to grow.