Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute to Revitalize Illinois Manufacturing

Plans are developing for the new Illinois manufacturing hub formally known as the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute. This innovation center will be located at Goose Island and it is estimated to cost $320 million. The White House officially announced that $70 million of federal money will be used to help create the DMDI while the remaining $250 million will be funded through state and private organizations. There are 41 companies, 23 universities/labs, and 9 other organizations partnered together to make the DMDI Institute a success. This innovation hub is just one of many new institutions that have been announced across the United States however as the name states this center will specialize in technologies regarding digital innovations and design techniques.

Over the last four years the United States has increased in manufacturing jobs by more that 620,000 and that number continues to grow as our companies develop new high-tech manufacturing solutions. However the growing demand for high-tech products has resulted in a growing demand for trained workers that can operate these cutting edge manufacturing devices. A number of companies are reporting that they are eager to hire new employee but they cannot successfully find candidates that possess the skills to handle the high-tech machinery. The DMDI will serve not only as a research center for developing new technologies but also as a training facility to provide individuals with the proper skills to perform these much needed manufacturing tasks.

This innovation institute which serves a regional hub for the entire Midwest has a variety of overall goals. One major factor of the DMDI Institute is to address an issue regarding the life cycle of digital data for manufacturing, engineering and maintenance systems. The hope is assist companies with understanding and utilizing highly advanced computing software to increase efficiency and improve overall performance. The software will be used for model, simulation as well as analysis. Both manufacturers and consumers will benefit from being able to design, prototype and test products at a faster rate. This will result in new solutions becoming market ready much more quickly and also at less expense.

In recent news there has also been a conference hosted Executives’ Club of Chicago regarding the revitalization of Chicago’s high-tech manufacturing. Key panelists such as Dean Bartles the Executive Directory of the DMDI Institute spoke at this event and gave some insight in how this innovation center will not only assist with revolutionizing Chicago’s manufacturing but will also generate billions of dollars for the United States industrial market as a whole.