Starting a Concert off with Elevated Work Platforms

Personally, I am not sure if any concert could ever beat the Christmas shows that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra throws in Grand Rapids each year. A spectacular lightshow paired with a phenomenal blend of classic and rock music produces a performance that completely transports the viewers into the Christmas story being told. Each year they add more and more, making each concert more impressive than the last. Whether this is by adding giant screens to show various images, finding even more lights, using fire along the sides of the stage or adding new lifts to raise the singers and guitar players into the sky, the producers somehow manage to put an even higher level of effort into each unbelievable performance.

Lift Photos Courtesy of Autoquip CorporationLift Photos Courtesy of Autoquip Corporation

The elevated work platforms have been a staple for the show for all the years I have attended. Each year the opera singer will hop on and sing from a breathtaking height. The last concert I attended they had added even more platforms for guitar players to jump on as well. Being afraid of heights, this is one aspect of the show I would have a hard time taking part in, but it does prove effective in getting the crowds even more excited. Many venues utilize this trick, as do countless other industries including industrial manufacturing, emergency services, construction, power generation and other forms of entertainment. Lifts can aid almost any industry in their ability raise and lower equipment as well as people. These tools can be used for storage and retrieval, rescue missions, the building of skyscrapers, accessing power lines and so much more.

There are three main types of elevated work platforms. These include aerial devices, scissor lifts and hotels lifts. Each model has advantages and disadvantages depending on what exactly the lift will be employed for. In most cases, all of the different models are powered hydraulically. However, there are also pneumatic and electric power lift options available. Aerial lifts are the larger of the lifts, and are able to move not only vertically, but laterally as well. The most common lift is the scissor lift and these seem to be the choice for the daring Trans-Siberian Orchestra members. The name comes from the cross pattern at the base of the lift. These lifts are able to work with heavy loads, making them a frequent tool in manufacturing and industrial applications. The only disadvantage is these lifts are only able to achieve vertical motion. The lift seen the least is the hotel lift. These models are smaller, used to work with smaller loads and smaller tasks. For example, they can be employed to dust high ceilings or change high light bulbs in hotels. These lifts are also usually restricted to vertical motion only.

Lift Photos Courtesy of Autoquip CorporationLift Photos Courtesy of Autoquip Corporation

One major thing to keep in mind when it comes to hydraulic lifts is that being at such a great height can be dangerous. For this reason, most companies have very strict operating guidelines for using these devices. In fact, many countries have made operating licenses mandatory for using these lifts. These products must also be manufactured to comply with and maintain the strict regulations set by the Department of Labor (DOH) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Elevated work platforms can be an asset no matter the industry. Whether you need to pick fruit from the tops of trees, wash the windows of tall buildings, check machinery from a high height, rescue a cat from a tree or sing to a crowd from a level they can easily see and hear you, lifts can come in handy.

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