Innovative High Voltage Coils and Wireless Energy Applications

As manufacturing picks up in 2014 there is a growing demand for a variety of components such as high voltage coils. Plans are in the works to boost American production of high-tech solutions and there will be a need for more electric coils. In response to the growing need of reliable electric coils there have been announcements of new manufacturing plants to create these essential products. Electric coils are continuously becoming more innovated and there is extensive research into the creating the most cost effective solutions. A majority of our newer applications require very strict power requirements and are coil manufacturers have to adapt to the changing needs of the market.

Sag Harbors offers a variety of electric coils including high voltage coils.

Photo Courtesy of Sag Harbor Industries, Inc.

One important factor of creating versatile electric coils is to manufacture a product that requires low maintenance. This is achieved through equipping the coils with reinforced insulation. Advanced high voltage coils can be specialized with different types of insulation to improve the quality and reliability of the products. Vacuum Pressure Impregnation is an insulating method that is ideal for removing air, moisture and gas from the high voltage electrical coil while offer better heat dispersal across the entire system. This style of insulating greatly increases the lifespan of an electric coil by providing an insulting epoxy, polyester or silicon resin improves the durability and resistance to chemicals as well as other hazardous elements that could harm the corona of the coil.

There are two primary types of high voltages coil which include Tesla coils and ignition coils. Average ignition coils utilized for automotive generally have an output of 30,000 volts and are known for their relativity inexpensive design. Although Tesla coils have been experimented with since 1891 there have been a variety of configurations with modern-day Tesla coils. High powered Tesla coils can typically generate many megawatts of electricity and these products have a long history of experimentation for providing wireless energy. This technology has been heavily researched but the concept of applying wireless energy to everyday applications has never taken full effect but there have been some amazing developments in providing wireless electricity for commercial use.

Electric Coil by Sag HarborPhoto Courtesy of Sag Harbor Industries, Inc.

In recent news there have been some interesting breakthroughs in transforming the original Tesla wireless concepts and using it for day to day purposes. What is fascinating is the innovation doesn’t actually put electricity into the air. The device utilizes an electrical coil that creates magnetic fields and then another coil is provides an electric charge which combines the magnetic field resulting in the ability to transfer power. This device is designed to be safe and uses very similar fields to that of Wi-Fi routers. In theory this revolutionary innovation could power many household items such as TVs, appliances, laptops and more. These coils could even be applied to charging different devices such as cell phones or electric cars.