Castles to Bunkers: Heavy Duty Hinges

As a child, I always dreamed of living in a castle. With giant doors, huge ceilings, endless rooms, it would be the perfect fairy tale lifestyle. While I have realized this dream to be impossible, it does not keep me from being fascinated whenever I see pictures of castles in movies, books, online or in various television shows. One important aspect that always is designed perfectly on these structures is the door. When these castles were being built they needed to be incredibly sturdy and strong to provide the perfect level of protection. To do so, the hinges needed to be equally strong; making heavy duty hinges a popular option.

These heavy duty hinges could be of use in the big castle doors or even the gates. Today, they are used for countless industrial purposes, able to suspend gates and doors that are too large for more common models. One example is bunker doors for the United States Army. These hinges must be extremely durable to hold strong during explosions. Doors used in industries such as aerospace or deep sea marine contexts would also need to be strong to withstand pressure levels to ensure a tough seal is kept.

When it comes to constructing these heavy duty hinges, there are several options and variations that must be taken into consideration. Different materials can provide benefits that might suit some applications more than others. For increasingly demanding situations, steel or stainless steel are popular choices because of their high levels of strength. The specific model will also have an effect. Butt hinges, strap hinges or piano hinges can all offer their own unique advantages and disadvantages to the situation. No matter which way is taken, heavy duty hinges are the perfect solution from castle gates and doors from the past to blast proof doors of the present.