Wire Baskets and Sand Sifting

The thing I look forward to most every year is my trip to Florida. The sunshine state, the one place I always feel happy, relaxed and am able to soak up all the sun I can to get me through the cold months back in Michigan. I only go for a week, but I try to do one week during December and another during March or April. In between I spend a good percentage of my time dreaming of going back or else finding ways to bring bits of Florida back with me. The main ways I accomplish this is through covering my room with faviconpictures, sea shells and jars of Florida sand. The pictures tend to be the least work, but the shells and sand need sorting, cleaning and washing before they are ready for display. My main tools for this job are water and wire baskets.

To clean the sand, removing any dirt or algae that may be within it, and leaving only the soft perfectly fluffy stuff is made simple with the use of wire baskets. While shells can be rinsed pretty easily by hand, sand is much more difficult. I typically begin by letting it soak in a bucket of clean water, then skim off anything that rises to the top of the bucket. From here, the strainer is used. Wire baskets can be used for many other purposes as well. They can help with the washing of parts, for transportation, display and more. Due to the wide range of applications and uses, many suppliers offer customers wire baskets made to order. They can be made of numerous sizes, materials and the tightness of woven wires can be adjusted to the particular use. For sand, smaller holes are more handy, but for other objects, bigger ones can be more useful.

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