A Basket Full of Wire

We all know what a basket looks like for the most part, right? A container of sorts that is made from woven strips of straw and faviconusually has a red and white checkered cloth beneath a warm pile of muffins, right? Right. But it doesn’t end there, folks. Wire baskets are about as diverse as wire forms themselves. They can be used for all sorts of commercial, industrial and domestic applications, such as storage, display and transportation of materials.

The same idea for manufacturing grandma’s basket of muffins applies to wire baskets, as well, only the material used could be a number of varying metals, such as steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and copper. Such wires, depending on the size of the strand, is either woven or welded together. Woven baskets are used in contexts involving light, and less-demanding loads. Welding is often more preferred within an industrial context, as they are far stronger and can handle much heavier materials. Similarly, the size of wire baskets greatly differ and one must make sure to pay attention to the kind of material used, the capacity it offers, the size of the spacing in the mesh, in addition to the density of the wire.

When it comes to storing and displaying certain things, the level of visibility and accessibility that a wire basket offers is essentially the reason why they are valued so highly. Additionally, the accessibility is particularly desirable for any dipping and washing processes, which allows something to be cleaned and drained within a fixed area. Such security, accessibility and air-flow of wire baskets is attractive to a number of “dip n’ lift” applications, such as in straining and filtration instruments in both domestic and industrial environments. In this way, the mesh of the basket allows for only liquids to pass through while catching any undesirable materials. Wire baskets are also very advantageous to ultrasonic cleaning, a device for cleaning delicate items via ultrasound.

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