Sandblasting Alternatives: Automated Wet Blasting

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Sandblasting is not only used to remove rust and previous coatings from metal, but it is also used to polish and prepare newly manufactured parts for their final use. One of the best ways to prepare parts for further use is with automated blasting systems.favicon Automated blasting systems complete the entire blasting process in one process, eliminating the need for a human operator to blast each part by hand individually.

One of the most efficient automated blasting machines is the wet blasting system that can use high-pressure sprays to clean and polish parts without mess or hassle. Many systems are entirely self-contained, offering initial blasting, rinsing, and drying in the same machine. Many automated water blasters can clean up to 400 parts per hour, which is much faster than any human operated blasting machine.

Water blasting machines can actually provide several benefits over traditional sand blasters and other media-based blasters, such as reduced contamination due to the lack of dust generated by the process, quick clean up with rinsing that effectively cleans the parts and the machine at the same time, and fast drying that keeps the parts rust-free after washing and instantly prepares them for further assembly or packaging as soon as they leave the machine.

Many automated blasting machine manufacturers can create custom water blasters based on the specific needs of the manufacturer. Some customization options include the processing speed of the machine, the intensity of the spray, the number of spray nozzles, and the actual size of the blasting machine itself. Many blasting machines can be added to existing conveyor lines, eliminating the need to move the completed products from the line by hand. This can increase overall production time and reduce problems throughout part production.