IQS Featured Profile: Modern Aluminum Casting Co., Inc.

Since 1919 Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc. has been providing metal castings made of all materials to OEMs worldwide. Since they first opened their doors, Modern Aluminum Castings Co, has been dedicated to providing solutions to their customers most difficult issues. They provide services such as grey iron castings, investment castings, aluminum permanent mold castings as well as many others. From concept to completion Modern Aluminum will work with you to come up with a custom designed casting that is sure to work for you!
With almost a century of field industry experience on their side Modern Aluminum Castings has been leading the metal casting industry since their opening. The engineers and technicians that they have on staff are committed to going through the entire manufacturing process working closely with their customers in order to achieve maximum satisfaction with products and services. They serve industries such as automotive, construction, industrial machinery, sporting goods, medical devices as well as a broad host of others. With a 60,000 square foot facility located in Terra Haute, Indiana they are able to accommodate even the biggest and demanding requirements. There is no job that Modern Aluminum cannot handle!
People choose Modern Aluminum for their consistently exceptional customer service that is available around the clock as well as their complex production abilities. With their full service facilities, quick delivery and engineering expertise it is really no surprise that so many choose Modern Aluminum for any casting need. Using the amalgamation of skill and technology they are devoted to ensuring that their customers are receiving the highest quality parts and the best possible value. For more information on how to get started with this resilient company, visit their website or contact one of their skilled customer service representatives today to learn more!