IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Industrial Graphite Sales

Graphite Anodes

Industrial Graphite Sales has been a leader in the graphite industry for many years. Over the last fifty years, they have worked to build a reputation in the industry that is based on high quality products and a mutual respect between consumer and company. Industrial Graphite Sales supplies bulk and machined graphite that are used for a number of different applications in the graphite industry. They welcome all challenges, and will find a solution that will work for any project you may come in contact with.

The people at IGS realize the importance of a positive customer and company relationship. They foster this crucial relationship by providing helpful and supportive customer service representatives who are able to answer any questions about their quality products. Their employees have a high level of dedication to providing quality service and products that exceeds every expectation you may have when it comes to customer service. The personnel at IGS possess extensive product knowledge and experience, and will work with you to determine the right product to fit all of your unique requirements and needs. By maintaining relationships with graphite manufacturers that are located both domestically and overseas, IGS has access to a large variety of different grades of graphite. The grade you need is sure to be available through IGS, and their helpful employees will help you find it.

IGS is constantly striving to find innovative ways to add value to their company and to their customer’s experience, and recently they have launched a Splasma Tool line of tooling that is custom manufactured from specialized graphite tailored for the spark plasma sintering market. This addition to their product line is just another way that IGS is staying ahead of the competition by leading in the technological advancement in this emerging market.

The goal at IGS is simple. That is that once you are an IGS customer, you are always an IGS customer. They take their relationships with clients and customers seriously, and strive to leave them satisfied at every stage of interaction. If you are looking for a respected company in the graphite industry that provides high quality products, look no further than Industrial Graphite Sales.