Granutech-Saturn Systems Upholds Reputation with High Performing Shredders


Granutech Saturn Systems Logo

Granutech-Saturn Systems manufactures durable shredders and hammermills , crushers, loggers, grinders and granulators , powderizers, and refiner mills. Originally named MAC Corporation when they were founded in 1968, the company grew when they acquired Granutech and Saturn Shredders which expanded its business to include shredders and recycling equipment. And their 2015 acquisition of Magnatech hammermills further completed its shredder portfolio. With almost 50 years of experience in size and volume reduction, Granutech has cultivated its reputation as a world renowned innovating manufacturer of recycling systems.

Saturn® industrial shredding equipment is available in a single, dual and quad shaft, as well as hammermill models and is designed to maximized production. All Saturn shredders are now also available with hybrid drive as standard. When it comes to auto crushers and loggers Granutech’s reputation stands the test of time, many of its earliest systems are still in operation today. Our high performing grinders and granulators can process more than 10 tons per hour and produce a clean shredded rubber. For a more efficient process, our line of rubber powderizers and refining mills can be integrated with grinders and granulators to produce output fine enough for such applications at Tire derived fuel and rubberized asphalt.

“No matter the application, we have the perfect system for you.” Said Granutech-Saturn’s president Matthew Gerber. “Whether you are looking to shred or recycle tires, hazardous waste, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, industrial plastics, paper, electronic scrap, or solid waste. We are a full service company offering design, post-sale service, delivery and consultation. And continuously strive to innovate and create better solutions for the industry.” He added.