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Golden State Grating has been family owned and operated since 1987 specializing in manufacturing and fabricating gratings, expanded and perforated metal, wire mesh and safety grating. Our experienced staff works hard to provide our customers with the products they need with the best service and knowledge in the industry.

At Golden State Grating we offer a variety of bar grating products including carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel fabricated by our expert welders to meet the most precise measurements with superior durability. Our carbon steel bar grating is commonly constructed for use in industrial sites and commercial buildings because of its strength, durability, safety and practicality. This grating is very versatile and can be used for platforms, walkways, safety barriers, drainage covers and allows for easy circulation of water, light, air and heat. Our aluminum grating is a lightweight but durable solution. It is great for its ease of transportation and installation and resistance to highly corrosive environments, making it great for use at water treatment plants or the marine industry. Golden State Grating also provides stainless steel grating for those extreme environments such as breweries, dairies, food processing plants, sewage or power plants. The highly resistant nature of stainless steel makes it a great economical choice over the long run. All of our grating comes with the option of a plain or serrated surface and custom sizing and openings are available. We also provide fiber glass grates, stair treads and safety grating, expanded and perforated metal.Golden State Grating is committed to delivering the most innovative grating solutions while providing the best service and integrity. Our expert staff will work with you to get the grating solutions you need, whether it is a standard or custom design, we look forward to working with you. Stop by our website or give us a call today!