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A Hint of the Future

As we advance into the early twenty-first century, society is becoming increasingly concerned with the future than the present. It is rapidly becoming a common ideology to prepare ahead of time instead of panicking when time runs out; I know, it is a big step for mankind. If you hadn’t noticed we are still a few steps behind where we should be in some situations, with such catastrophes as: the planet’s decreasing oil supply and our failed attempts to find a truly efficient method of generating alternative energy, as well as the nation’s failure to generate an economic sustainability plan for the future instead of plummeting our economy into trillions of dollars in debt. Despite these inadequacies, there are some actions being taken to ensure some relief for the future, such as the innovative developments in building technology.

Most people fifty years ago would believe that soaring building structures would need to be composed mainly of steel and concrete if there were to be any hopes of a skyscraper essentially scraping the sky; today, some pioneers in building science believe differently. New designs have already been taken into effect in which buildings are made mostly out of glass. Through the wide usage of custom glass cutting, designers have created a building exterior known as the ventilated double façade- a complex exterior development of a building combining two layers of glass in order to promote increased energy efficiency. To give a vague explanation, brilliant scientists have been able to create a natural ventilation system for the building through utilizing the exterior climate (temperature, wind speed, air flow) of the building without mechanical devices. This building design requires professionals at custom glass cutting considering the degree of glass panels required to construct a double façade exterior. This recent environmentally-friendly development was spurred by Barrack Obama’s stimulus package of 2009.

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