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Importance and Relevance

Just the other day I started to think about glass molding and glass cutting, and how important they are in faviconsociety.

Glass molding is a form of art, and glass cutting is also a form of art. Throughout history civilization has used glass cutting for a variety of purposes. Even today, it is used for a wide range of uses, including some that are crucial to our functioning in daily life. Where would we be if no one took the responsibility of molding and cutting glass upon themselves? Well, to be perfectly honest, I believe we would not be as advanced as we are today because of the endless list of glass appliances there are and have been in the world.

What if there were no windows in cars or buildings, and if so what would you replace them with? What if glasses had no optical lenses? What good would telescopes and microscopes be if not for glass slides and lenses, and how unsophisticated would mankind be today without the very tools we used to discover atoms, elements of biology, and other essentials of science?

All of these controversial questions prove that consumers in society need professionals in glassware. We, as a society, need professionals in glass molding and glass cutting because many very important glass products demand perfection. In order to fit our needs, glass cutting must be precise in size and cut.

If you think about it, cutting glass to fit a window, lens, etc can be compared to making an artful glass masterpiece. For example, in Grand Rapids, Michigan there is an art museum called “Fredrick Meijer Gardens” that displays exhibits of glass masterpieces of art. To do this, the artist who creates glass for display has to mold and cut glass just like the professionals that mold and cut glass for practical appliances that affect our daily lives.

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