Transportation Capabilities Make Georgia a Strategic Hub for Foreign Companies

The state of Georgia continues to successfully attract and retain major companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical and renewable energy industries by maintaining an infrastructure that complements these manufacturers. Georgia has excellent road and rail transportation networks to access surrounding states, and it also has the strategic advantage of being located on the Eastern Seaboard. The government of Georgia has made every effort to develop a skilled workforce so that global corporations are encouraged to move to the area permanently. Major highly respected colleges like Georgia Tech equip people with the skills they need to enter the workforce and become leaders in their respective industries.

Because most manufacturers in the state compensate their workers so competitively, Georgia has the third lowest manufacturing unionization rate in the U.S. This means that employers are benefiting from a motivated workforce where hard work and talent are rewarded fairly. Within the government, the state Department of Economic Development identifies areas for growth and proposes legislation to help manufacturers establish a strong presence in Georgia and connect with the local workforce.

Atlanta – Georgia’s largest city – is a strategic location for many manufacturers because of its large industrial railyards and commercial airports. Many new manufacturers chose to build their sites on the outskirts of the city where land is cheaper but access to hubs of national and international shipping are very close by.

In 2006, the Korean auto company Kia announced the opening of its first automotive manufacturing facility in North America. The facility was constructed at West Point, not far from Atlanta. By 2009, Kia had recruited and trained all of the necessary employees for the site and they began mass producing the then upcoming 2011 Kia Sorento. By March of 2016, the Kia Motors Manufacturing Group plant in West Point had produced 2 million vehicles. Kia is just one good example of a foreign company choosing to manufacture in the state of Georgia on a large scale because of the many economic benefits.