Gardens and Gates Hinges

Growing up, The Secret Garden was one of my favorite movies. While it would make me cry, I absolutely loved it. I watched it numerous times, each time secretly wishing I had a secret garden of my own to escape to. While I have not seen the movie in years, I can still see a young girl forcing her way through an old rusted gate, finding mazes of trails and beautiful flowers; a private escape that became her own. The rusty old gate is still one of my favorite parts. The first time she saw it, covered in vines, barely visible. The hinges on the gate so old, they could almost not even open. From the outside, it looked like nothing, but once inside, she seemed to find a new magical world.

In my opinion, the right gate can add mystery and elegance to almost any environment. There is also a vast number of was and situations where gates can be used. They are able to come in a large variety of sizes, shapes and materials. And, since there are so many gate options, there have to be just as many possibilities for the hinges they will be using. Gate hinges can range in size, strength, design and more. For example, with heavier gates, heavier and stronger hinges are necessary. These heavy-duty applications could include shipping truck gates. In many cases, hinges can even be welded instead of fastened to provide additional support. Then there are the light applications such as a small garden gate. These gates and hinges are valued more for their decorative look than strength. Yet in all cases, along with being able to support the structure, one of the other most important aspects is that the gate is able to easily and fluidly open and close.